Senior Seminar in Literary and Media Studies

Graham Law

School of International Liberal Studies

Waseda University

Graduation Theses



Sign Pen is Good to Think
1M040105 HOSHINO
The Violent Aspect of Japanese Comedy Shows

The New Typography Movement
KONO Masahiro

Evil Characters in British Fantasy Fictions

We Love Big Brother
1M040272 Minami MIYAUCHI

The Impact of Women's Fashion Magazines in Japanese Society

Why Did Deep Impact become a Social Boom?

Women and Media Effects

Present and Future Social Networking Service

Past, Present and the Future of Music distribution in Japan

The Media, Social Situation and Ethnic Identity in Okinawa
1M040493 Wataru TANAKA

Media Literacy for Students in Japan
TANAKA Yoshiki

The Power of Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton

War and the Media

Colonial Picture Postcards and Imperialism
YIM Soo Jin


Propaganda and the 'Manufacturing of Consent' in Democratic Societies
M041003  AKETA Maki

Case Study: Starbucks Coffee Japan
M041014  HAGA Shamin

Ballet: Its early stages in Japan
M050009  AKIBA Yukari

Who is running the Internet and for What Purpose?
M050038  Yan CHENG

Lars von Trier: Unity of reality and unreality
M050065  FUKUDOME Chiharu

"Fires on the Plain": The Literature of impossibility
M050080  HASHIMOTO Yui

Comedy Film about "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland
M050125  INANOBE Azusa

The Role of the Media in the Japan-China Relationship
M050210 KINOSHITA Yohei

The Bauhaus as a Representative of the Modern Age
M050253  KUME Sayaka

WEB 2.0 and the Example Features of the Platform
M050301  MIYAUCHI Yu

How Should Newspaper Companies Survive?
M050414  OMINE Takuya

The Audience for Detective Conan: The Movie
M050426  OSHINO Junko

Google: Its Impact, Rivals, Problems and Future
M050570  TAKATA Shinzan

2ch and Its Influence in Japanese Society
M050595  TANIGUCHI Kazuhiko

Changes in Japanese Advertisement
M050642  WADA Ayumi

Ghibli's World Made by Miyazaki Hayao: From Conflict to Communion
M050647  WARASHINA Yumiko

The significance of Hula in Ancient Hawaiian Culture
M050655  WEEDEN Sarah

In-Game Advertising: The Present and the Future
M051002  ADACHI Fumikazu


Mobile Phones: Their Impact, Problems and Future Prospects
1M041041 MAEDA, Yu Sean

On False Accusations
1M050244 KOSHIYAMA Yui

Haruki Murakami's World: The case against movie adaptations
1M060033 DOI Yukiko

Korean and Japanese Serial Dramas
1M060063 GOTOH Nana

Media Freedom in Thailand
1M060073 HASEGAWA Ai

Free Papers and Free Magazines in Japan
1M060076 HASEGAWA Ayaka

Online Women's Fashion Magazines
1M060110 ICHIMURA Ryoko

New Media Influence on Public Opinion
1M060154 JO Yunhwa

Mobile Advertising and its Influences on the Japanese User's Consuming Behaviour
1M060167 KANEDA Yutaro

Critical Assessment of the Korean Wave in the fields of TV and the Music Industry
1M060201 KIM Nae-Young

Slow Food in Japan
1M060307 NAGAI Rie

Cross Media Advertising
1M060356 NUMATA Mayu

The Use of Foreign Languages and Japlish in Japanese Popular Music
1M060369 OJIMA Sawako

Movie-Going in Japan
1M060402 OZAKI Eri

Why did Tezuka make Animation?
1M060427 SAYAMA Ayako

The Marketing of Fashion Business
1M060428 SEKIGUCHI Yui

The Musical: Theatrical Adaptation
1M060432 SHIGA Junna

What must the Japanese Aviation Industry do to attract World-wide Passengers?
1M060452 SHIOTA Yuki

Can the Media Influence People's Sense of Beauty?
1M060473 SUZUKI Rika

The Future of TV

The History of African American People and "Black Music"
1M060593 YAMAZAKI Motoo

A Study on the Effects of Hollywood on Chinese Cinema in the 21st Century
1M060621 ZHEN Jia Jia

Spring 2010

The Media's Influence on Professional Surfing's Greatest Rivalry
1M051033 IZUMI Issey

General Analysis of Media: Matter and Space
1M060408 PARK Sun Hee

The Use of Foreigners in Japanese Advertisements
1M061010 KURNER Erika

The Usage of Music and Radio in the Rwandan Genocide
1M061022 TAMAKI Miho

Ballet: What Maurice Béjart wanted to Express through his Choreography
1M061037 OHASHI Emiri

The Seriousness and Dilemma of Japanese Contemporary Art
1M061045 SAKAGAWA Anna

Non-profit Organizations and Social Media
1M061047 SHIBATA Kaori

Fashion Blogging and the Fashioning of Opinion
1M061104 WEE Lynette

Fall 2010

Advertising Strategies of Religious Organizations
1M060423 SATO Hitomi

The Changing Faces of Contemporary American Media: Gender Stereotyping
1M061021 UENO Mirai

Japanese Nationalism and the Tokyo Olympics in the Media
1M070013 AOKI Ayaka

The Image of Japan Projected by the Media in the United States
1M070018 ARAMAKI Craig Ryu

Media Influence on Body Images
1M070033 CHONG Melody

Influences of the Media on the Spanish-American War
1M070075 HARIYAMA Megumi

The Way of Yakyu: Should it be Conserved?
1M070101 HORIKAWA Takahiro

Media Impact on Our Health
1M070269 MASUDA Layla

The Future of Japan's Women's Fashion Magazines
1M070297 MIZUTANI Ayaka

Media Literacy and Photoshop
1M070350 OCHI Seo

International Advertising
1M070434 SHINKAI Mai

Foreign Affairs in Japanese Newspapers
1M070527 UCHIDA Ruka

The E-Book Revolution in Japan
1M070532 UEMURA Erika

TV Commercials and their Negative Effects on Children
1M070539 GAMAGE Dasuni

Tourism Advertisements and Kyoto
1M070548 WATANABE Haruka

The Prêt-à-Porter Industry and the Japanese Media
1M070582 YOSHII Megumi

Spring 2011

Korean Genre Fiction
1M060804 YIM Hyun Tae

The Role of Media regarding the Environment
1M070137 ISHIKAWA Aisa

Reality Television
1M071006 BOCK Mariko

So Fast, So Fashion
1M071013 CHEN Aileen

Impacts of Microblogging in China
1M071049 JIN Tong

TV Drama in China
1M071159 ZHANG Qiwen

Lightness in Literature and the Visual Arts
1M071160 ZHENG Yiyan

New Media in Cyber Space
1M080446 SHON Kyungeun

Fall 2011

Why do the Japanese eat Hamburgers?
1M061043 MIZOTA Keiko

E-Book Trends
1M070420 SATO Ryosuke

Arab Television Industries
1M071020 DARWISH Moza

A National Campaign and its Effects: Japanese Diet Change
1M080008 ANABUKI Natsuko

The Survival of 3D
1M080011 AOISHI Saki

The Social Influence of SNS in Japan
1M080012 AOKI Shunichi

Media and Company Advertisement Methods
1M080045 EDA Saori

Religious Community Building through Media
1M080088 HAUW Junying

The Rise of Otokonoko
1M080149 IWASA Kohei

Japanese "Eco" Business and Consumers
1M080191 KAWASAKI Sana

The Kisha Club System and New Media
1M080192 KAWASHIMA Saeko

Internet in Korea and Japan
1M080329 NAKAYAMA Sahoko

Censorship in the United States
1M080337 NISHIKADO Makoto

Corporate Communication in the Digital Age
1M080361 OKAWA Fumi

Biographical Films since 1990
1M080395 ROSEN Erica

History of Japanese Advertising: Trends in Poster Advertising
1M080428 SHIBUYA Erika

The Socio-Political Impact of New Media
1M080465 SUNOHARA Yuko

Influence of Culture on Consumption Value, Brand Image & Marketing Strategy
1M080512 TODANI Hitomi

Sports Marketing and its Impact on Basketball
1M080579 YOSHIHARA Aya

Spring 2012

An Analysis on the American Television Drama Mad Men
1M081003 ASO Kana

The American Football Student Athlete
1M081017 DUFFY Scott

Fall 2012

A Study of the Present State of the Internet
1M080342 NOH Dah Sol

The Development of Make-up in Japan
1M080482 TAKAHASHI Miho

Japanese Insurance Companies in the Future
1M090059 GOTO Kokoro

What is Dance?: Germany vs. America in Expressive Dance
1M090084 HIROSE Saki

History of the Newspaper in Britain and America in the 19th Century
1M090148 KANAZU Manami

The Marketing of Japanese Urban Areas and Businesses: Fukui
1M090190 KITANI Eri

Approaches to Advertising
1M090273 MURASAKI Yuki

A Study of Interactive Communications in Online Brand Communities on Facebook
1M090355 PARK Soobin

SNS and Human Relationships
1M090460 TANABE Yuka

Spring 2013

Study of the Animation Movie, From Up on Poppy Hill
1M080812 PARK Heyun

Media Crossing in Japan and America from Comic to Screen
1M081090 PARK Sunhwa

Development of the Internet in South Korea
1M090261 MOK Jean Eu

Origin, Ethics and Social Impact of Infotainment
1M091068 LEE I-Chiu

The Making of William Blake's Reputation before and after Alexander Gilchrist
1M100403 PHAM June

"China and Japan" in The Times of London, 1858-1895
1M113015 SUN Jing

Fall 2013

A Study on Emoticon Communication
1M091082 LIEW Min Kyung

A Study on the Influence of TV Advertisments on Children in Japan
1M100042 EBINA Ruriko

The Media: More Entertainment and Less News
1M100168 KAWAI Ko

A Study of Viral Videos: Their Origin, Development, and Rationale
1M100191 KIM Seungwon

What should a Smart City be like?
1M100196 KISHIMOTO Kei

Kawaii Men: Historical Changes in the Word 'Kawaii' in terms of Gender Consciousness
1M100229 KURODA Yuki

Umberto Eco and the Open Work
1M100296 MORITA Saori

Charles Chaplin: His Comedy and American Film Culture
1M100385 OGA Shiori

Singapore and Hong Kong Newspaper History
1M100457 SHIMAUCHI Chizuru

Is Art Caviar? Analysis of Those involved in the creation of Avant-Garde Arts
1M100466 SON Dahee

Can We Achieve Happiness through Social Network Services?
1M100482 SUZUKI Eri

Spring 2014

A City's Culture and Life: Tokyo Reflected in Train Advertisements
1M081054 KIM Whyi Jun

Concerning the Business Plan of a Japanese Customer-service Company in Vietnam
1M090482 TSUCHIDA Shun

A Revolutionary Medium: The Role of Social Media in Political Mobilization
1M101052 KUBOTA Alexander Takuma

Comparative Study of AKB48 and Girls' Generation: Representatives of Japan and Korea
1M101106 SHIN Jieun

Media and Sino-Japanese Relations: The Impacts of the Newspaper Press on the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Dispute
1M123006 CHOW Ka Po

A Study of Screen Reading with a Media Ecology Approach
1M123013 RAO Mengxi

Fall 2014

Television Vs. YouTube
1M090279 NAGAI Hanako

A Study of E-Commerce in Indonesia
1M1011198 TANTOMO Jennifer

Media, Propaganda, and Rwanda
1M110066 FUKASE Justin

How World and Japanese Media Relate to Soccer and the Best Relations between Them
1M110260 KITANO Gaku

Female Protagonists in the Alternative Universe
1M110332 MATSUMOTO Akane

The Digitalization of Books and the Future of the Japanese Publishing Industry
1M110572 TAKABA Hideyuki

Spring 2015

Internet Broadcasting: Afreeca TV
1M080449 SOHN Jungho

Sherlock Holmes and "The Woman": How they have been Dramatized
1M110205 KANNO Nao

Social Enterprises: Comparisons between Japan and the United Kingdom
1M111077 LIN Ling Chih

Fall 2015

International Brand Management: Business to Consumer Brands
1M110493 SAITO Kan

Discussion of the "Omni-Channel Strategy" by Seven & I Holdings Co.
1M120058 GOTO Hisanori

Ad Blocking and the Future of Online Advertising
1M120090 HIRAKAWA Yuta

War-Time Animation Of Disney
1M120471 SAKAI Kentaro

Character Business in Japan and America: A Comparative Analysis
1M120549 TACHIBANA Miori

The future of E-commerce and the Local Economy
1M120582 TAKEUCHI Chie

Spring 2016

Copyright and Mass Media
1M091802 ZHANG Zejian

Social Enterprises: TOMS Shoes and Warby Parker
1M121016 ENJU Yuka

Gender Equality in Sports
1M121035 IDOBE Atsushi

Sustainable Development and Tourism on Small Islands: Lanyu Island, Taiwan
1M121065 KUO Ting-Jung

The Problems Facing Video-Game Journalism
1M121088 MARTIN Benjamin

Dark Marketing Advertisements in the U.S. and Japan
1M121110 PARK Hye Min

Language Preservation through Print Media in Hawaii and Okinawa
1M121164 YONEDA Melynie Joy Sachi

The Role of Media in Identity Construction, and its Impact on International Disputes
1M143009 HENG Kang Wei

Fall 2016

Lives of former leprosy patients then and now
1M130012 ANDO Miyu

Korean Social Media Trends, 2000s to mid-2010s
1M130035 CHOI Jinsuh

Japanese audio-visual content exportation
1M130039 DAULL Laurene

Newspapers in Japan and Other Countries during the Pacific War
1M130119 HOMMA Miyuki

Components of Corporate Image in Japanese Companies
1M130125 HORIUCHI Risa

The Effects of Japanese Variety Shows in Japan
1M130195 KAWAKAMI Marie

Product Placement in Korean Media
1M130233 KOLBE Nicole Mai

Humanization and Dehumanization in Films
1M130281 METACHARUNON Chanakan

MOOCs in the Japanese Context
1M130348 NAKAO Rinko

Popular Long-running TV Shows in Japan
1M130353 NATSUMOTO Riho

Film Adaptation from Novels
1M130383 OKA Izumi

Japanese Legal Drinking Age and Its Propriety
1M130492 SONODA Shinya

Stealth marketing and its future
1M130590 TSUTSUMI Sachiko

International Coproduction Films in Japan
1M130595 UEDA Mai

Spring 2017

Citizen Journalism: New Media and News Media
1M131047 KAO Yu-Mei

A Case Study of Two Cosmetic Giants: L'Oreal and Shiseido
1M131109 SAKAZUME Akari

The Ambivalence of #Femvertising and Its Implications in the United States and Japan
1M131124 TANIMURA Lisa

Fall 2017

Advertising Gender Neutral Products in Japanese TV Commercials
1M140057 GANEKO Arina

Customer experience as a growth driver
1M140059 GOVAERS Anzu Chloe

Makeup product advertisements and the perception of female beauty
1M140069 HANIHARA Marina

How NHK and BBC World reported the Fukushima  accident
1M140139 IMAZEKI Mai

Analysis of Train Advertising
1M140217 KIKUCHI Sayoko

Product Placement in Korean Dramas
1M140220 KIM Dayoung

Animated propaganda films of the U.S. and Japan During WW II
1M140328 MATSUO Eriko

International Comparison about the Topics related to Menstruation
1M140365 MOTOYAMA Yukari

Impacts of DRM and Piracy
1M140479 MINAMI Aoi

Creative Innovation
1M140520 SAWAI Yuzuki

Music power in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States
1M140594 TAKEDA Aya

Sports and Politics
1M140662 UTSUMI Tatsuya

Hashtag Evolution
1M140695 YAMAGUCHI Saki

The Metaphysics of Memology
1M141158 TSUNODA Alekusu (Alex)

Media Control in China and its Effects on People

Spring 2018

An Analysis of the Japanese Defence Industry
1M140480 REYNOLDS Michael

Retrieving Japan's Traditional Design in Modern Architecture
1M141107 MATSUYAMA Miki

English Language Education in the Japanese Juku Industry
1M141111 AMANO Kana

Japanese Folk-Craftsmanship "Mingei"
1M141115 NAKAYAMA Erika

An Analysis of Competitive Cheerleading in Japan
1M141151 TESKE Victoria

Fall 2018

Impacts of Online Dating Services on the Individual's Attitudes towards Love
1M121003 BAE Kyungmook

Gender Development in Disney Princess Films
1M150009 AOKI Mayuka

Nakahara Chuya and "On the Lake"
1M150072 WU Yahui

Customer-oriented strategy on how Shiseido can boost sales in Europe
1M150074 GOTO Mayuko

YouTube as the new era of advertisement
1M150085 HAKUTA Nayuka

A Critical Analysis of the Origins and Representations of Anti-Blackness in Japan
1M150086 HAMMER Yasmin

The significance of narratives in the AKB48 Group and Nogizaka46
1M150131 ICHINOSE Arisa

Differences Between Anti-Soviet Union Policy and Anti-German Policy in America
1M150222 KAWAGUCHI Yuki

Changes in Female Status in the Airline Industry: The Role of Company Branding
1M150244 KIM Seungmin

Reconciliation of Japanese and British Aesthetic Taste in a 19th-century British Interior
1M150273 KOMIYA Riho

Definition of "Yuru chara" and its Economic Effects
1M150454 RITCH Sarah

Changes in the United States Toy Industry over the 20th Century
1M150530 SUM Melissa

The Present Situation of the Elderly and Advertising Concerning Them
1M150548 TAKAGI Hinano

Why does the Popularity of Musical Movies remain Constant?
1M150687 YUKIMOTO Megumi

Representation of Black Men in American Film: History, Impacts, and Change
1M151156 NAGANO (VANN) Kimiko

Spring 2019

Tokyo Below: Short Documentary Film (with Manifesto)
1M141083 LEE Seo Yun

Analysis of Marketing Strategies of LUSH
1M151016 CHO Kyung Eun

Expectations for Females Depicted in Japanese Job-Hunting Materials
1M151026 FUKUDA Ayako

Growth of Social Media Influencers and their Marketing Tactics
1M151074 KOSAKA Manatsu

Matching Public and Private Records: My Grandfather's Life
1M151127 OKAMOTO Satsuki

Definition of "Beauty" in Japan and the US: Women's roles in Makeup Video Ads
1M151151 TARUTA Megumi

Promoting Tourism through Social Media: Secondary Cities in Thailand
1M151166 WIPUSANAWAN Piraya

Disillusion in The Great Gatsby and Vile Bodies
1M160562 TANAKA Midori

Fall 2019

The Three Count on WWE: Issues Plaguing the Company
1M130038 COLE Lewis

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Japan and South Korea
1M150030 CHO So Hyun

Impact of Multi-Channel Networks on One-Person Broadcasting in South Korea
1M160002 AHN Jimin

Japanese Bukatsudo: A Way of Life
1M160033 BRENNAN Tsubasa

How a History of Violence Shaped Bristol's Arts and Entertainment Culture
1M160081 GONNO Yoko

Public Broadcasting in the Digital Age
1M160113 HIRASAWA Yu

Wealth Disparity in Japan
1M160124 HORIO Su

American Football and the Danger It Imposes on Athletes
1M160135 IEDA Taisei

Young Love in Ghibli
1M160294 MATSUOKA Kie

The Pre-Raphaelites and the Japanese Artists They Influenced
1M160358 NAKANISHI Minami

Anime as Icon: Pilgrimage Becoming Culture
1M160538 TAKAO Noriko

Spring 2020

Neo-Luddite Philosophies & Questioning of Innovation in Capitalism
1M120384 NEIL Yuki

Analyzing the Style of Marketing Films in the Context of Japanese Society
1M160453 SAKATA Manami

Societal Expectations for Women and Alcohol in Japan Post WWII
1M161058 ISHIHARA Yuri

English Language in Japan: The Attitude of Japanese toward English
1M161125 SAKO Akiho

Fall 2020

Misinformation, Social Media, & the Crisis of American Democracy
1M150290 KWON Soongyu

Media Bias in the Digital Era
1M170128 ISHIGURO Nozomi

Vogue Japan and Women in Japanese Society
1M170281 MIYAZAKI Shiori

Fashion Trends and Fast Fashion in Japan
1M170356 OKAMURA Mari

On "Virtual Characters" in Japan
1M170418 SATO Ryoichi

Trends in Japanese Film Genres
1M170464 TAKAMORI Yoko

Content Analysis in Five Japanese Newspapers
1M170479 TAMURA Momoko

The Influence of "Otaku" on Micro Economies
1M170525 YAMADA Suzuka

Spring 2021

Analysis of the Relationship between Social Media and Luxury Brands
1M141007 CAO Yingyi

Brand Marketing Analysis Through a Triple Media Strategy in South Korea
1M150034 CHOI SeoWoo

Use of Social Media Marketing in Korea
1M161048 HONG Youngjae

Exemplifying the "Star Effect" in the Fashion Industry in China
1M171032 HUANG Xucheng

The Potential of VR Film Narrative
1M171071 LI Ang

Exploring Female-led Drama in Contemporary China from the Perspective of "Feminism"
1M171076 LI Yuxuan

Packaging as an Advertising Tool in Japan and its Implications for the Environment
1M171119 SIGNO Elizabeth