The Gay Science  by E. S. Dallas   

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                 *** First published here in January 2024 ***
               *** Freshly re-set as an open-access PDF file ***


                               The first scholarly edition of
    The Gay Science  by E. S. Dallas
an attempt to settle the first principles of Criticism'

               Edited: Graham Law & Jenny Bourne Taylor
     with an Introduction, Chronology, Primary & Secondary Bibliographies
             with both Explanatory Footnotes &  Textual Endnotes  


First issued: 2 volumes; London: Chapman & Hall, 1866

Facsimiles in PDF format of the original volumes can be accessed from:

Google Books (Vol. I & Vol. II);  HathiTrust (Vol. I & Vol. II);  Internet Archive (Vol. I & Vol. II)

Graham Law, 2024.
First drafted Fri 19 Jan 2024.
Last revised Sun 21 Jan 2024.